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Reiki Infusion Binaural Beats Music for Chakra Balancing

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This is Reiki infused music with an alpha binaural beat.

The intention is for chakra balancing.

You can imagine chakras turning like wheels through which energies are sometimes seen, sometimes felt or sometimes sensed. They are vortexes through which our life force flows.

When these are understood and interpreted they can be used as indicators of health and well-being while a disturbance of colour, shape or intensity might indicate something negative.

Balanced chakras show general well being of mind, body and spirit and achieving this state is the purpose of this meditation.

Identifying blockages and how they relate to symptoms is the key to making change. All you need to do is be as comfortable as you can and listen to the music. The Reiki will flow to where it is needed.

The best results happen when listening with headphones.

Please see link at the top for information on Reiki and binaural beats.

You will get a MP3 (28MB) file