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Rei = universal + ki = life force

Reiki is the natural balancing energy belonging to everyone and works on physical, mental/emotional and energetic levels.

Reiki is holistic, noninvasive and complementary to any medical or therapeutic techniques you might be having to aid healing and recovery. 

As the concept of time and space is a construct you can receive the energy when it suits you. Reiki is drawn by you through me (Reiki Master) and goes to wherever your body/mind chooses. 

We are able to connect energetically from any distance and your Mind Body Soul will use Reiki energy to balance what is ready for your highest good. We do not have to be in each other's presence or be tuning in at the same time. 


At your chosen time you are welcome to relax into a meditation and be open to receive the Reiki flow of energy - you do not need to do this as the Reiki will still do its thing just by listening to the music.

Some people share various sensations, colours in their mind or thoughts or imaginative journeys. A few experience nothing in particular except a peaceful soothing calmness. Reiki flows where its energy goes and your mind body knows what is best for you.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN )

This Reiki symbol is known as the distant or absent healing symbol and is used to transcend time and space – past present and future.

The HSZSN gives the Reiki Practitioner (me) the ability to channel Reiki across space and distance is no object. Reiki can be sent to a person across the room in a therapy situation, channelled to a person in another part of the world or infused into music or objects.

You choose to receive Reiki and pressing play is your consent.